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Elite Piano Institute

How to find the best
piano teacher


Your ultimate guide to understanding what a good piano teacher really is.

The majority of students have multiple teachers throughout their musical journey and can probably easily recall the ones who really stand out as most effective. What is it that sets them apart? What characteristics do those teachers share? 

-Have you decided to begin your musical journey?


 Not sure what things to look for in a good teacher? 


 Are you an ambitious parent aspiring to learn more about professional music education? 


Do your kids have big musical goals and dreams?

Read on to learn the essential qualities that a solid piano teacher should possess.

☝🏼 Good strong education and professional background. Even if you take lessons for fun, you want to make sure your teacher is professional.  When looking for a new instructor ask him to show his diploma to prove his credentials.

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☝🏼Teaching experience. Your piano instructor should be an established and credible teacher. A pianist may possess the perfect musical skills, but if they lack the proper teaching skills, it may be a good idea to continue your search.


☝🏼Does he require students to perform in studio recitals during the year? Does your teacher offer other performance opportunities for your students, such as festivals and competitions? These are good questions to ask your potential piano instructor.

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☝🏼Does he create his unique projects and opportunities for students? This is a good point as not many teachers create their own educational projects. 

☝🏼Does your teacher regularly evaluate the students' progress? What teaching materials does your teacher use, and what system does he follow? What other elements are part of his teaching curriculum? Evaluations are essential if you want to make progress as it helps to set the right goals.

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☝🏼What types of ongoing professional development does your teacher participate in? Does he or she have any performances, recordings, events scheduled, such as presentations or masterclasses?

☝🏼Is your teacher a good performer as well? Teachers who are not able to demonstrate good playing skills are not professional. 


☝🏼Awards. Is your teacher recognized nationally or internationally? Ask for competitions prizes or achievements. To study with an accomplished teacher is a gift, keep this in mind! 

☝🏼Check references and testimonials and look for a solid online presence such as a professional website, featured press. You want the best for your kid.

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We hope this information was helpful and that you enjoyed the guide.

You shouldn't have to struggle to find the answers on your own. We help you learn how to choose the best instructor you always dreamed of.

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