With the rapid development of the technology, we strongly believe that the format of online music lessons will shortly become the new standard - due to incomparable convenience of being able to take classes from your home without a need of travel to the school and back.

We currently observe a great progress during online studies, especially among the younger generation of students, those born in the "touch-screen" era. The little pianists feel comfortable and safe in the home environment, and can focus on the assignments without being frustrated having to play a different instrument than they practice at home. Online lessons allow you to feel more confident playing your own piano for the teacher.

 Pursue Your Dreams Today!

Elite Piano Institute is thrilled to provide the world's highest standard music instruction - now Online from any part of the World!

Written Review       $ 29.99

Submit a link to your most recent performance and receive a written feedback from one of our faculty members.  We will evaluate your playing, briefly listing what caught our attention the most, giving you advise on how you can improve your Piano skills, or suggest useful materials you can apply into your practice routine (if applicable).

 If you would like to receive our opinion on your overall level and performance, we will be happy to provide you with valuable comments.  Please note, that every feedback is based ONLY on a single piece that you submit to us.  Our feedback is limited to one piece submitted per entry.  You will receive an email with a PDF file attached. 

Please allow 7 business days for processing your request.

Video Review          $ 129.99


If you would like to receive a video feedback from one of our experts simply submit a link to your video recording and we will be happy to give you a practical advise.

Video feedback It is a great option for students of all levels since the setting is very close to our online lessons format. The main benefit of video feedbacks is that you own the recording forever, and can play and use it as many times as you would like.

We will listen to your performance, evaluating your playing in detail, analyzing all the difficulties you might have with the piece, such as technical problems, phrasing, dynamics, rhythm, pedaling, musical aspects etc. Our feedbacks are usually 10-15min long, depending on the repertoire you present. You will receive an email with a downloadable link you can save or play in the future. Please allow 7 business days  for our faculty to review and evaluate your performance. 


Video Consultations

It is a Perfect solution if you want to receive a valuable feedback or consultation without having to commit to taking lessons on a regular basis. 

Elite Piano Institute faculty is available to answer your questions through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. We will be happy to evaluate your current level, advising on how you can improve your skills,  giving you suggestions regarding your piano technique and repertoire, and overall musical development. If you have questions about online lessons setting and equipment, performance opportunities, festivals, competitions, or any other music-related questions don’t hesitate to ask, we will be happy to help! 

Consultations are available in 15min, 30min, and 45min time frame.

15 min $39.99

30 min $79.99

45 min $119.99

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