We are dedicated to creating a personal plan for every pianist, regardless of age and experience. Having a clear understanding of your desires and goals is necessary for productive and joyful musical studies.


At Elite Piano, individual approach is our core philosophy, one that inspires our projects and drives our passion.

Individual Approach To Each Student - 

  Success As We Know It

ELITE Start®            from $64.99*

Designed for young students without previous musical experience. This program is perfect for exploring the piano, developing correct piano posture, introducing your child to the instrument and learning essential skills, which gives you a perfect foundation for further studies. 


What is included in the program:

- Weekly piano lessons

- Theory basics

- Participation in Student Recitals 

ELITE Advanced®    from $94.99*


This program is created specifically for students who have big goals, would like to progress quickly, interested in performance, festivals, and competitions. Elite Advanced is also a great choice if you would like to participate in Certificate of Merit music study program.


What is included in the program:

- Weekly piano lessons

- Weekly theory assignments 

- Participation in Student Recitals 

- Technique training 

- Repertoire planning 

- Performance preparation 

- Preparation for Certificate of Merit  

- Preparation for Festivals and Competitions

ELITE Pro®               from $184.99*


This is our the most advanced program, and it is a perfect choice for students who aspire to excellence in the piano field, would like to bring their playing to the highest level, or have interest in pursuing a degree in Music. This program is open for all ages, however, Performance Audition is required to get accepted. Audition requirements: to apply please submit a link to your most recent performance, we will evaluate your playing and get back to you with the results.


What is included in the a program: 

- Weekly piano lessons

- Weekly theory assignments

- Advanced technique training

- Advanced repertoire planning 

- Performance preparation 

- Participation in Student Recitals 

- Preparation for Certificate of Merit 

- Preparation for State and National Competitions 

- Preparation for International Competitions and Festivals.

- Exclusive offers for participation in International Events, Festivals, and Competitions presented by Elite Piano Institute


*Disclaimer: Lesson fees shown are for a minimum single class duration - 30min for Elite Start®, 45min for Elite Advanced®, 90 minutes for Elite Pro® - and do not include applicable travel fees, registration fees, processing fees and any other extra charges related to your financial institution. 

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