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Alice S.

My two children have been attending Elite Piano Institute for several years. As a mother, I couldn't have asked for a better music school to have my children obtain their musical piano education from. Both Vladimir and Anna are not only talented and accomplished musicians - they also bring their sincere love and passion for music into the lessons, bringing inspiration to their students. They don't only focus on the end goal; rather, they lead their students step-by-step, effectively helping them grow as musicians who are able to apply what they have learned in one piece to another piece, and even into their lives outside of music. Elite Piano Institute is definitely a place that instills genuine love for music for their students.

Joanna L.

Elite Piano Institute is an excellent, high quality studio to learn piano and musics. Both Vladimir and Anna are knowledgeable ,informative and patient.  They light the fire for my son to learn piano and he made a great progress and won numerous awards. This is the best piano school in South Bay, not comparable! Strongly recommend, your trust will get high rewards.

Elite Piano Institute.jpg
Elite Piano Institute.jpeg

Daniel N.

I have been studying with Dr. Vladimir Khomyakov for the last three years, and he really is the best piano professor in South Bay. Unlike at any other music school, you get a chance to study with an international performing and recording pianist of the highest caliber. I'm learning much more than just playing - it really is a life changing experience!

Julia G.

We are very happy to be a part of the Elite Piano family and certainly enjoy the atmosphere and shared love for music. Mrs Anna is an exceptional, talented piano teacher and mentor, and we greatly appreciate it having her as Franz’s instructor. Our son learned so much and enjoyed the lessons.

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Lanzo L.

As a fellow musician, I have collaborated with the Elite Piano Institute Faculty for many years, and it has always been a rewarding experience. They have impressive backgrounds and great professional connections. Not only are they formidable musicians, but they are also great people, easy to work with, hard working, creative and fun.    Highly recommended!

Marina L.

I have had many wonderful years of collaboration with this fantastic institution. The instructors have an immense amount of experience, and can be of help at any level of proficiency and any age. The students get the highest level of instruction, full force dedication, and personalized attention. I highly recommend Elite Piano Institute!

Jene Z.

My daughters are lucky to have Ms. Anna as their piano teacher! Her professionalism and patience make the learning much more easier and fun! Great school! Excellent teachers!

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