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We are very sorry to inform you that the organizing committee has made a difficult decision to cancel the 2022 Russian Souvenir International Youth Piano Competition.

At this devastating time, we support the world’s grief and solidarity, and we will not be able to fulfill our goals to promote the winners and their performances appropriately.  We stay with our commitment to excellence in organizing our events. In these circumstances, we will do our best to refund the principal application fees for everyone who applied, except tax and processing fees. 

Please reach out to with your information. Zelle and Venmo are the fastest and recommended payment options for US-based participants. Bank wire transfer or PayPal is preferred for international applicants. Due to a large number of this year’s applications, please allow some extra time to process the payments.

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Please stay tuned for our current and upcoming events.





2022  Virtual Edition 

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Category A: < 9 years old

Category B: 10-13 years old

Category C: 14-17 years old



Young talents from all over the world are invited to participate in the “Russian Souvenir” Online Piano Competition. We believe that it is essential for young artists to stay motivated and encouraged to achieve high goals in piano performance despite these difficult times. We are certain that intercultural exchange and education are the major driving forces of progress. At Elite Piano, we are optimistic about the future, as we believe in our students — our upcoming generations to pave the way. 



1. Application

Applications must be received no later than

March 13, 2022 | 11:59 pm PST

Entries will be rejected if they are late, incomplete or damaged.

By submitting the registration documents, the contestant accepts the Competition’s rules and conditions.

Age Categories - as of February 13, 2022:

Category A: < 9 years old

Category B: 10-13 years old

Category C: 14-17 years old


Application Documents checklist:


  • Online Application Form - click here to begin

  • Digital image of a document (government issued ID or passport) certifying the date of birth.

  • Recent digital artistic photograph (headshot), high resolution, that will be used for online publicity.

  • Link to a video recording (see Video and Audio Requirements) 

  • Non-refundable Application Fee of $149

2. Video and Audio Requirements


Please carefully review each requirement before submitting your video:


  • Participants are required to submit an unedited single-camera video (YouTube link) with their application. 

  • Video must be recorded horizontally - if you are using a phone, please make sure you flip it on the side. Absolutely no vertical-screen recording will be considered.

  • Audio must be clear, unedited, and without any environmental background noise. Audio must be recorded simultaneously with the video. Please record only your playing, with neither talking nor announcing the pieces. Make sure to verify the sound quality of your recording before submitting the application. 

  • The recording of the entire competition program has to be done as one take at one sitting - similar to live competition performance. No individual files/takes for separate compositions (combined or separate) are allowed. 

  • Recordings should be a fair representation of the Contestant’s abilities - both hands and face (profile) must be visible at all times. Judges must be able to see the entire keyboard.

  • Instrument requirements: acoustic grand piano or upright piano. Absolutely no digital/electronic instruments are allowed. Piano must be fully functional and tuned. 

  • Contestants must perform the entire program from memory.

3. Repertoire requirements


Categories A and B - Time limit up to 15 min

  • One piece by Russian composer.                             

  • Free choice of repertoire to fulfill the time


Categories C  - Time limit up to 25 min

  • One piece by Russian composer

  • One virtuoso etude by Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Ligeti, Mendelssohn, or Debussy. 

  • Free choice of repertoire to fulfill the time


No changes in the competition repertoire are allowed once the application is submitted.

4. Prizes

  • The online announcement of the results will take place on February 28, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. 

  • Over $2500 in CASH PRIZES in total will be awarded at the discretion of the jury. Decisions of the adjudicators are FINAL. The Jury reserves the right to not award any of the prizes; to split a prize between several contestants; to disqualify any candidate who does not comply with any of Competition’s regulations.


  • SPECIAL PRIZES for the best performance of a work by a Russian composer 


  • *SCHOLARSHIP PRIZES towards the 2022 Glissando International Piano Festival's tuition will be awarded in each category:

I Prize - $500 scholarship towards Glissando Festival tuition and automatic admission

II Prize - $250 scholarship towards Glissando Festival tuition and automatic admission

III Prize $125 scholarship towards Glissando Festival tuition and     automatic admission  

Honorable Mentions - Glissando Festival automatic admission

  • Winners' Performances will be featured on our official YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram. 

  • All participants will be provided with the Judges' feedback and personal written comments. 

*Scholarships can be used  towards participation in the Masterclasses, Young Artist Recital and Workshop. Scholarships awarded in the Competition may not be combined with any other scholarship or promotion. Scholarships can not be converted into cash or prorated both fully or partially and will cover Glissando Festival 2022 tuition only. The date and location of the festival will be announced later. Please check the official website for updates.



Category A

I Prize - Simon Yao

II Prize - Eliana Tan

Category B

I Prize = Minna Fu / Sherry Fei

II Prize - Richard Lee / Eva Lew

Category C

I Prize - Dhammarin Tularatruengnam

II Prize - Anna Romanovsky / Eric Li

Please feel free to contact the 

Competition by using the form below:

Disclaimer: Elite Piano Institute reserves the right to terminate the Competition, in whole or in part, and/or adjust, amend or suspend the Competition Rules in any way, at any time, for any reason without prior notice. All photos and videos submitted as part of the application for the Competition will exclusively belong to Elite Piano Institute, and can be published and used for any promotional purposes

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