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ELITE Online®

With the rapid development of the technology, we strongly believe that the format of online music lessons will shortly become the new standard - due to the incomparable convenience of being able to take classes from your home without the need of travel to the school and back.

We currently observe great progress during online studies, especially among the younger generation of students, those born in the "touch-screen" era. The little pianists feel comfortable and safe in the home environment and can focus on the assignments without being frustrated having to play a different instrument than they practice at home. Online lessons allow you to feel more confident playing your own piano for the teacher.

Elite Piano Institute

Elite Piano Institute is thrilled to provide the world's highest standard music instruction - now Online from any part of the World!

Q & A

How can I sign up for online classes?

Easy! Please fill out the Contact Form with your information, location, and experience in music, and we will reach to you shortly!

What equipment do I need to start online lessons?

We recommend using a tablet, installed on the right side of the piano - so your entire keyboard and your hands are visible to the instructor. We encourage using the biggest size tablet available.

You can also use your laptop/computer with a web camera located the same way.

Some of our students invest into a hi-end sound and video equipment, that provides exceptional video and audio quality. If you are willing to go this way - we will be happy to help you configure the proper setup based on your room size, piano and acoustics.

What type of internet connection do I need for studying piano online?


Since the high quality sound transmission is crucial for online piano lessons - we strongly recommend using cable/wifi connection, and not 4G/LTE network. 

Also make sure that other family members are not streaming heavy video content using the same network - that may reduce or even freeze the connection during the class. 

Which software is necessary for online classes?

Depending on your particular device and personal convenience - we offer lessons over literally all existing video-call platforms, including FaceTime (recommended for Apple users), Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, What's App, and WeChat.

Can I take sign up for lessons if I live outside the United States?


Online setting allows you to take classes in a comfortable setting of your own home from any location on Earth. We will work with your schedule to accommodate the lesson time that fits best your timezone.

Is my piano good enough for online lessons?

Yes! Any instrument you have at home can be used for online lessons!

Although we recommend having an acoustic instrument - upright or grand - to all of our students. None of the existing electronic keyboards can replicate the feeling and sound of a real instrument. Electronic keyboard may be good for the first months of your studies, but we recommend your start looking for an acoustic instrument as soon as you can. 

Are there any drawbacks of online studies?

While probably nothing can ever substitute the magic of tet-a-tet communication during the conventional in-person lesson - the modern technology and very basic equipment allows you to get as close as possible to the feeling that your instructor literally comes to your living room. 

Only when it comes to working the very fine sound details, expected at the highly advanced student level - the modern live streaming quality might not be enough. Those students are encouraged to submit a high quality audio recording prior to the lesson for instructor's review. 

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